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about us

José Antonio Carril, born in Avilés (Asturias), where he worked for 13 years in one of the best restaurants in the Principality of Asturias, where he was promoted to become one of the chief cooks. Due to personal circumstances, she traveled to the island where she fell in love with her and decided to come and live and work there. After several years he was working in a hotel in Alcudia, again the circumstances of life bring him to the east of the island, where he formed a tandem with Sebastià.

Sebastià Bonet, born in Porto Cristo, son of chef Sebastián Bonet Brunet, from whom comes the passion for cooking and from whom he learned the love for the trade and for traditional gastronomy. He graduated in cooking from the “Escola d’Hoteleria de les Illes Balears” in 1997, where he learned the basics of cooking, and since then he has not stopped practicing in the local restaurants where he has worked. In recent months he has formed a tandem with José.

The good conviviality in the kitchen, encouraged them to open La Mandrágora.

What better than being able to enjoy a kitchen “like at home” in Cala Bona?

Welcome to La Mandràgora restaurant, a place where you will enjoy Mallorcan and Asturian cuisine based on its roots.

What we want, from our modesty, is to offer the customer a culinary offer with a tendency to disappear, pampering the cooking in our kitchen, shaping the flavors of each dish, making the diner feel the pleasure of eating, and not just doing the photo of a plate.

We want our cuisine to be distinguished by the traditional flavors of traditional Mallorcan and Asturian cuisine.

Mallorcan soups, brut rice, Asturian fabada, loin with cabbage, pitu caleya, stuffed squid, bonito roll, fixuelos, gató with almond ice cream, and a long etcetera, are some of the specialties of La Mandràgora. You can taste all these dishes, cooked on a low fire and with lots of love, prepared by our mothers and grandmothers, and that the pace of life imposed by the current society does not allow us to have the time to prepare them.

In our place we have a bar and bar area, a more intimate dining room where we want our clients to feel at home and a large terrace where they can eat outdoors. This makes it a suitable place for all kinds of meetings, more intimate or large groups.