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Today's Menu

Monday 19

Chickpeas with cod
Green Beans salad
Bolognese Spaghetti


Chicken drumsticks with onions
Grouper fish batter

Wednesday 21

Cold melon cream and ham
Taboulé salad
Fusillis with hot sauce


Beef Fajitas
Scorpionfish in seafood sauce

Thursday 22

Carrot and ginger cream
Caprese salad
Vegetable omelet


Turkey stew
Pikillos stuffed with cod

Friday 23

Cold cream of zucchini
Majorcan salad with tuna
Fideuá with fish and seaffod


Rabbit with onion sauce
Fried anchovies

Includes water, wine, desserts and coffee.
Full price € 13,50 – Medium menu € 8,50

A place where you can enjoy traditional Mallorcan and Asturian cuisine to transport you to its roots.

A kitchen made with love and patience to remember the traditional kitchen, the kitchen of our grandmothers.

Arroç Brut

José Antonio Carril, born in Avilés and Sebastià Bonet, born in Porto Cristo join his kitchen.

We want our cuisine to be differentiated by the more traditional flavors of traditional Mallorcan and Asturian cuisine.

Foto Ventana Cocina Restaurante
Bocadillo camaiot - restaurant la mandragora
arroz negro - restaurant la mandragora